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Birth Certificate Service.
Birth certificates are available from every state in Mexico, to include Mexico City. Order now

Marriage Certificate Service.
Marriage certificates are available from every state in Mexico, to include Mexico City. Order now

Divorce Certificate Service.
Divorce certificates are available from every state in Mexico, to include Mexico City. Order now

Death Certificate Service.
Death certificates are available from every state in Mexico, to include Mexico City. Order now

Translation Service.
If you need a certificate translated from Spanish to English we have a certified translator available.

Apostille Service.
Apostilles are available from every state in Mexico.

What is a certified copy?

A certified copy of a birth certificate or other vital record is a document issued by the Civil Registry office in the state or city where the original document was registered. It contains the data from the original document, along with the seal and signature of the Civil Registrar.

Can I use the certified copy for any legal or official purpose?

Yes. The certified copy is the same document that you would receive if you made the trip to the Civil Registry office yourself. It can be used for any legal or official purpose, including legal proceedings, immigration applications, social security, marriages, divorces, etc.

Why can't I obtain the original certificate?

No one can obtain the original document as it must remain in the files of the Civil Registry. That is the purpose of the certified copy, it's where the Civil Registrar certifies the information contained in the original record.

How much does it cost?

We charge $69.00 USD for the first certified copy, additional certified copies are $29.00 each. UPS and DHL shipping are available.
Visit our Prices section for more information.

How does the process work?

We maintain a network of agents located in every state in Mexico. When a client orders a certificate, we send an agent to the appropriate Civil Registry office to apply for and receive the certificate. The agent then sends the certificate via overnight messenger to our Mexico office located in Guadalajara. The document is then delivered to our U.S. office located in Tamarac FL , and from there it is shipped to the client.

How long does it take to receive the certificate?

Our mexican branch office will request personally your certificate to the proper mexican authorities with in 24 hours after placing your order.
Certificates will be mailed directly to you with in 3 to 7 days via next day air.

Can you guarantee that you'll locate my certificate?

No, we can't do that, as we do not know what is in the files of the various Civil Registry offices until our agent goes to make the application. Sometimes people don't have the correct information, sometimes they were told that a document was filed when in fact it wasn't, sometimes they have falsified documents, they are a variety of reasons why a document can't be located.

What if you can't locate the certificate?

We'll send you a Letter of No Record, certifying that the Civil Registrar conducted a file search but was unable to locate the document.

Will you refund my money if you can't locate my certificate?

Yes, we'll refund your purchase, minus a $50.00 search fee which covers our agent's expenses in searching and applying for the certificate.

What information do you need?

At a minimum, we need the name or names as they appear on the certificate, the date and place that the event occurred, and in the case of birth certificates, the names of both parents. The more information available, especially an old copy, the faster the process and the greater likelihood of success in locating the document.

Can I make a correction, such a changing a misspelled name?

Sometimes, it depends on the state where the certificate is registered and on the information that needs to be corrected.

What is an apostille?

An apostille is a form of authentication or certification accepted in countries which are signatories to the Hague Convention of 1961. An apostille on a document certifies that document for use in another country.
Visit our Apostille section for more information.

What is a certified translation?

A certified translation is a translation that has been formally verified for use in official purposes. Documents that require certified translation services might include papers that have to be submitted to an Immigration or Naturalisation department (such as birth, marriage and divorce certificates), official transcripts (such as high school certificates, university degrees and vocational training certificates), regulatory documents (such as informed consents, protocols, research data forms and case report forms), patents and many others.
Visit our Certified Translation section for more information.

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